Jordan Brand produces shoes by 50 % size categories. Most of the Jordans sneakers for the children are released in mens size, however they every now and then in addition they release Elementary School (GS) or young cheap boy jordans, which are generally mistaken for girl jordans 2014. However, that is not entirely true.

Without a doubt, mens Jordans may still be worn by as well as GS Jordans can be worn by young Jordan heads, whether boys or girls, and in many cases by females who have small feet. However, GS sized Jordans are not exclusively girls Jordans because they are often mistakenly considered to be.

Some sneaker heads are under the misunderstanding how the GS is short for girls, that isn’t the truth. However ,, Jordan Brand likely keeps small-footed women at heart when design GS Jordans, which regularly have vibrant pallettes that both as well as the kids find appealing. The truth is, Jordans GS sneakers are widely marketed as girls Jordans too.

Mentionened above previously, women and girls who will be Jordan heads don’t have to restrict themselves to GS boys Jordans. Because most Jordans sneakers are released in mens sizes, each woman should do today to have the ability to wear those kicks is to discover is there a equal of their shoe size in mens sizes.

Pick a pair of well-fitting sneakers that you own and appearance its size.

= Should your shoe dimension is 6, the subtract 2 from that. Which means you need to by the mens Jordans sneaker in size 4.

= Should your shoe dimension is 6.5, subtract 1.5 from that. Which means you need to by the mens Jordans sneaker in size 5.

= Should your shoe dimension is 7 or greater, even whether it is 1 / 2-size, then subtract 1 from that. Which means if the shoe dimension is 10 or 10.5, then you need to buy a mens Jordans sneaker in size 9 or 9.5.

However, the difference between mens / boys Jordans and GS / girls Jordans does not visit to just the sizes with the sneakers. There’ve often been Jordans GS sneakers that tend to be slightly distinctive from the pairs in older boys or mens sizes.

For example:

The midsole area of the Jordans Retro 4 along with the Jordans GS Retro 4 is noticeably different.

The Air Jordan Retro 5 contains the 23 about the heel within a larger font as the 23 about the GS version is smaller font.

The tongue with the regular Jordans Retro 7 is attached with its sock liner, this means it does not start up, nevertheless the GS version has an actual tongue that pops out.


At any rate, despite the distinction between mens / boys Jordans and GS / girls Jordans, all are ultimately Jordan Brand sneakers and this ensures they are worth copping. Possibly the only pitfall is despite the fact that men end up finding exclusive Jordans GS colorways quite appealing, they can’t fit their feet into them.

However, women certainly can wear Jordan Brand begins both mens and GS sizes. In case you are still unsure about the difference, and also actually have a look at sneakers from both categories, all you need to do is visit